I am not a showman, I only do hypnosis to heal!

RELAX! I am not going to turn you into chicken, nor will I ask you about your deepest dark secrets, and here is why…

The reason is I am a hypnotherapist and not a stage hypnotist. I am here to heal, not to entertain. In fact, not only because it does not do me any favour to do those things, it is against the UKCP code of ethics to do so. The only thing that I want is my client to achieve the goals you have set and eradicated the habits you want to kick.

There are a lot of myths around hypnosis, especially for those who have not tried it before. While stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists both use hypnosis and similar concepts, but they are very different in essence. For example, they both use ‘suggestions’ to create and direct the experiences of the subjects. While stage hypnotists only use them to make you feel you can’t move or do something for fun but not beneficial to you, hypnotherapists design suggestions to change your irrational beliefs and free you from your phobias or reduce your anxiety. The stage hypnosis suggestions are designed to prompt a more physical or superficial response from the hypnotised volunteers to entertain the audience, whilst the hypnotherapy suggestions are intended to create a more internal and lasting psychological response within the client to create the agreed positive changes.

Someone may say all publicity is good publicity, so even though stage hypnosis is making people sceptical of hypnotherapy, they also show that with the right mindset of a good volunteer what can hypnosis do. However, if you hope I can perform any of those in the session, I am afraid you will be disappointed, as I do not intend to learn or practise stage hypnosis, but I am more than happy to work with you on your issues or inspirations. I am here to work with you, not work on you. While I need you to trust me to go to where we planned, you are the driver who choose the destination and pace, I am only here as your company and map reader.